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A little about us!

At INVISISHIELD we strive to supply the highest quality in protective nano coatings for a multitude of materials with different properties. Our products are primarily designed to keep things clean and stain free, ranging from hydrophobic coatings, to photo-catalytic compounds.

We live in a world where the materials we use in everyday life have great properties for their uses (brick, stone, motor, textiles, leather and glass are a few examples) but the problem with materials exposed to the elements is the high maintenance costs for keeping them clean and looking like new. Generally cleaning on a large scale is quite expensive, but at a minimum cost you can drastically slash the amount of time and the costs put into maintaining the new look by using one of our products provided for the correct application.

What are nano-coatings and how do they work?

Nano-coatings are specifically designed polymers which are used to coat a material surface to change the behavior of how the material interacts with certain elements in its surroundings. Nano basically refers to the size of the particles, which means the particles are 1 millionth the size of 1mm! This generally means that the coatings aren’t visible to the naked eye, and often don’t change the look or feel of the substrate they have been applied too.

These tiny little particles are attracted to the surface of the material and once in the curing stage they form links between the adjacent molecules and start to organise them selves on the surface to create a barrier between the material and the outside elements which creates a nano-scale surface which has certain beneficial properties.

These nano-coatings have properties which can repel dirt and dust with the aid of water, like in the plant kingdom with the lotus leaf effect, when it rains the dirt and dust simply roll off. These coatings make life far easier in the respect they make the cleaning of surfaces very easy without the use of harsh chemicals, only the  H2O is required!

Other coatings have what we call photo-catalytic properties, these coatings are great in fighting against organic organisms growing on the surface of materials. These coatings use UV light and moisture in the air to excite the molecules to chemically react with organic organisms that have adhered them selves to the surface of the material. In turn we have a self cleaning substrate which is perfect in environments where moss, algae and lichens are a problem!

Frequently Asked Questions

INVISISHIELD is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous water based solute of SiO¬2 compound

INVISISHIELD protection works by directly conjoining the molecules directly with the material surface and provides a totally invisible barrier which repels water by changing the cohesion of the mineral surface. The in the plant kingdom the treated material behaves like a lotus leaf where water and dirt simply rolls off after rainfall.

Yes the surface remains 100% breathable which makes it an ideal solution for certain areas of penetrating damp, presuming that the building is already in a sound built condition, INVISISHIELD will stop the water from been able to ingress into the mineral based materials.

Yes we offer an application service based on requirements. Please contact us for more info