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Services – Building Materials and Glass

On-Site Survey

No matter how big or small a project is, we are more than happy to send one of our specialists to come and assess your needs. Our specialist will work through  your requirements and discuss whether or not INVISISHIELD can assist you in any way and advise what products are the most suitable for the application required.

They will guide you through the application process and what cleaning is required before the treatment is applied.

Alternatively we can offer our highly recommended professional services which will cover all aspects of the application process.


Hot Pressure Washing

Whether the coating to be applied is hydrophobic or photo-catalytic, any signs of growing moss, algae or lichens on the mineral surface requires a hot pressure wash above 70ºC to kill off any living organic matter before applying the treatment. What we mean by a mineral surface is the material type, e.g. stone, render and concrete are all mineral based materials.

Hot pressure washing is generally part of the application process when it comes to mineral based materials, if required, our specialist will advise accordingly when they are on site.

Alternatively, if you wish to take advantage of our hot pressure washing services unrelated to nano coatings, please feel free to contact our team so we can provide you with a F.O.C quotation.


Sand Blasting

Hot pressure washing is great but sometimes we find buildings have gone past a point where they require a tougher treatment to bring them back to the looking like new stage again.

Sandblasting is an abrasive process which basically descales the stone/concrete to bring through a fresh new looking layer.

We have a list of trusted sub-contractors who carry out sandblasting, get in touch with a member of our team so we can organise one of them to make a site visit to assess your needs.


Glass Cleaning and Coating

Our Glass coatings require a three part application process to ensure that the product will adhere to the glass and not any contaminants which are on the surface of the glass. This leads to longer lasting protection of the glass which drastically reduces cleaning cycles and in turn saves more money!

The three parts consist of a specifically designed cleaner which works with nano-coatings, followed by a 99% Isopropanol wash, followed by the application of the nano-coating, which takes time and care, but has amazing effects once complete.

Get in touch with our team if you wish to have your glass surrounds cleaned and coated.