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Invisishield Stone and Concrete Hydrophobic Protection

Invisishield Stone and Concrete Hydrophobic Protection


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INVISISHIELD Stone & Concrete provides a specifically designed, water based, nano coating barrier for concrete, natural stones, manufactured stone, masonry and rendered surfaces. The product molecularly conjoins directly with the material surface via Van Der Waals forces and provides a totally invisible barrier which repels water by changing the cohesion of the materials surface that the molecules are combined too relative to the water that touches the surface. Like in the plant kingdom with the lotus leaf, water and dirt simply roll off after rain fall.

• Stops Penetrating Damp
• Hydrophobic (repels water)
• Inhibits Moss and Algae Growth
• Inhibits Fungus Growth
• Dirt Resistant
• Easy to Clean
• Increases Thermal Stability of Houses Treated

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Bottle Sizes Available

1 Litre, 5 Litres


50-80ml per m2


Up to 5 Year Protection

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Data Sheet

MSDS – 5 Year Stone and Concrete protection